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"People believe where there's a will, there's a way. I believe where there's a way, there's a will. If you don't know that natural spaces are out there, when would you ever take the time to experience it?"


-Daniel Saltzberg, Land Stewardship Specialist/ Grants Coordinator


Nature should be a resource that is unrestricted, universal, and accessible to all.  Unfortunately, its spiritual, physical, and mental benefits have been inequitably distributed across our region for far too long.

Particularly within communities of color, a divide often exists between communities and close-to-home, natural open space. We at NVCT believe nearby nature is a basic right and an integral part of the human experience that must not be an amenity afforded only to the most privileged.

We are committed to strengthening old and building new partnerships with community leaders and stakeholders to prioritize access to natural open spaces for everyone in Northern Virginia.

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"This was a great team effort that would not have been possible without wonderful volunteers, the generous financial support of Transurban through a grant, and the on-site partnership of the Belle Haven Marina."

- Alyssa Hemler, NVCT Land Stewardship Specialist

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