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Q: What is a BioBlitz?

A: BioBlitz is an organized communal effort to record as many species as possible within a designated location and time period. 

Q: Where does this BioBlitz take place?

A: Virtually/socially distanced literally anywhere in Northern Virginia. 

Q: Why should I participate?

A: A BioBlitz helps people connect with the nature around them and every observation, from the rarest butterfly to the most common backyard weed, can contribute to our understanding of the world around us.  All you have to do is observe and have fun!

Q: How can I participate? 

A: We will be using iNaturalist to conduct NVCT’s 1st ever BioBlitz. With a fun, easy to use app and website, iNaturalist enables people to capture and share information that helps us all learn about nature. 

Q: When does this begin?

A: October 14th




Q: Who can participate?

A: Everyone can participate! You, your family, your friends…anyone who loves nature!

Prizes will be 

given to top 


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