Susan Smith Blakely

Susan is the Founder of LegalPerspectives LLC, and a nationally-recognized author, speaker, and consultant on issues related to the challenges for young lawyers and the low retention rates in the profession. An attorney with a long career in private practice and public service, Susan is the author of a three-book Best Friends at the Bar series for women lawyers and law firm leaders, which was followed by her newest book, What Millennial Lawyers Want:  A Bridge from the Past to the Future of Law Practice. She is a frequent speaker at law schools, law firms, and law organizations, and her articles on the legal profession are published regularly in mainstream legal media. Susan was awarded the 2016 Lawyers Monthly Women in Law Award and the 2014 Ms. JD Sharing Her Passion Award.

Susan brings a wealth of experience to the Trust, having worked as an attorney in private practice specializing in litigation and land use law and as chief of staff for a member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Susan graduated from the University of Wisconsin with distinction, and from Georgetown University Law Center where she was a teaching fellow. 

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