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Accokeek Bottomlands, Protected for Good

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We are proud to announce the protection of Accokeek Bottomlands, a 50-plus-acre property comprised of high-value wetlands and home to dozens of at-risk species. The acquisition of this beautiful property provides critical habitat for bald eagles, great blue herons, 25 species of waterfowl, rare plants, and countless neo-tropical migratory birds.

Identified as a high-priority land acquisition by Virginia's Department of Conservation and Recreation for the Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve in Stafford, DCR asked NVCT to purchase the property to make the parcel a permanent

addition to Crow's Nest. Our quick action benefitted the landowner who hoped for a speedy closing, DCR, and our own goal of securing a permanent addition to the preserve.

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Initial Site Visit 3_5_2021 2021-3-5 94.jpg

NVCT secured most of the required funding to purchase and permanently protect this property through The Conservation Fund's Conservation Loans Program and partnership with Virginia's Department of Conservation. Still, the rest was through an aggressive matching program made possible by a generous donor. This campaign got the attention and support of community stakeholders, who also showed their generosity and helped us meet our matching goal to purchase the property. Through donations and spreading awareness, this community support helped provide potential new access points to the preserve. It fortified NVCT's long-standing commitment to enhancing this incredible natural area for generations. 

Thank you for making the expansion of Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve possible by protecting Accokeek Bottomlands for all time!

Accokeek Bottomlands Maps

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