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HOAs and Condo Associations:

Planning and Managing Common Open Space -Loudoun County Edition

Join Plant NOVA Natives, Piedmont Environmental Council, Audubon Naturalist Society, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy and NVCT for an engaging session on ecologically sustainable community master planning and land management in Loudoun County. 

All are welcome, regardless of your county.

Pick a date that works best for you - the presentations will be the same:
Friday, September 25
1 pm - 4 pm
Saturday, October 24
1 pm - 4 pm


Green Fire - Available for You!

NVCT has a license to show Green Fire, the story of Aldo Leopold and his environmental legacy. He is known to many as the father of modern conservation. Today, Leopold’s most enduring idea is his concept of a “land ethic.” It’s this idea of treating the soils, waters, plants, and wildlife as part of the community to which we belong that really holds true to us today and forms the basis of modern-day conservation.


As a land preservation organization, NVCT honors this legendary conservationist by sharing Leopold’s message of the land ethic. Green Fire, a film about his life and his legacy, explains how he shaped conservation in the twentieth century, and still inspires people today. NVCT is available to show Green Fire to community organizations, student groups, corporate green teams, and any other interested groups. Contact us to schedule an event.

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