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Inclusion is not simply the result of diversity and equity. You may build equitable practices and a diverse team yet still forget to include those same groups in your organization's decisions and considerations. We at NVCT will consider and incorporate the voices of those who feel unheard in the world on conservation.


Diversity is about more than variety itself. Instead, it is about the displayed appreciation of the inherent differences between people from various backgrounds. We at NVCT value the lived experiences of those from different racial, generational, cultural, socioeconomic, and other valuable and unique experiences.


Equity and equality are not the same. While equality can be a positive step towards equity, equity goes beyond equally distributing resources by filling the deficit resources where they are most scarce to create a more fair and just society. NVCT will work for a more equitable Northern Virginia in the realm of conservation.


Access to opportunity, information, and our case, natural open space is essential to a greater and more inclusive Northern Virginia. Everyone deserves nearby trails and parks to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Furthermore, those who own land with conservation values deserve access to information that would help them protect their land forever. NVCT commits to providing accessibility to those who lack it in our Northern Virginia communities.