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Celebrating Conservation Heroes: NVCT's Landowner Appreciation Picnic Unites Stewards of Nature

Updated: May 19, 2023

On Tuesday, May 16, the picturesque NVCT-conserved Eagle property in McLean was the perfect site to host our first annual "Landowner Appreciation Picnic." The beautiful 60 acre property overlooking the Potomac River welcomed NVCT conservation landowners who have made generous contributions of their own family land to forever be protected for future generations to enjoy.

The event was designed to specifically celebrate the impact just one individual or family can have on our community as we safeguard our region's precious lands and waters one acre at a time. Each landowner was recognized for their unwavering commitment to saving nearby nature, and the event offered them an opportunity to meet each other and learn how others are stewarding and enhancing the habitats and ecosystems they have collectively protected.

"It was a wonderful evening in McLean, overlooking the river with a chance for our landowners to get to know each other and discuss their shared conservation and stewardship goals," said Amelia Wilt, NVCT's Partnerships Coordinator.

The evening's atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and shared purpose as families and friends mingled, shared stories of their conservation efforts and the joy they found in nurturing the land, all while enjoying nature's tranquility and majesty.

The picnic served as a platform for landowners to connect, forge new friendships, and strengthen existing bonds. Landowners exchanged tips, experiences, and ideas, inspired by each other's dedication. The event was a celebration of their achievements and an opportunity to learn and grow as a community united by a common goal.

We hope these land conservation heroes departed the "Landowner Appreciation Picnic" with renewed purpose, determined to continue their valuable work impacting the environment for future generations. NVCT's staff certainly left the event energized and ready to work with all landowners -- both new and old -- to leave a lasting natural legacy in our community.

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