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Historic Property Preserved Forever in Southern Loudoun County

Northern Virginia Land Trust Forever Conserves Land within Public Drinking Watershed

Annandale, Virginia – Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT) announced today that a new property in Southern Loudoun County has been protected for all time. NVCT is a regional, nonprofit land trust that saves nearby nature forever by preserving and caring for natural areas, trails, streams, parks, and historic and cultural sites for the benefit of current and future generations.

The newly protected property in Aldie is home to a stream that drains into the Little River and eventually flows into the Chesapeake Bay. The preservation of the land and water upstream will protect the water quality all the way downstream. Much of the drinking water supplied to residents of Northern Virginia comes from the Potomac River, making the protection of this watershed crucial to the health of our local communities.

The history, scenery and water quality of this private land will forever be protected by NVCT for future generations. It is home to the historic Old Aldie Rectory built in 1803 and is also located within the Civil War Battlefield of Aldie. In fact, Union and Confederate cavalry columns converged near this site.

“Packed in just 5.5 acres, this site offers incredible historical and cultural resources that date back more than 200 years.” said Alan Rowsome, executive director of Northern Virginia Conservation Trust. “NVCT will serve as the long-term steward of the land to protect its aquatic resources, wildlife habitat and ultimately ensure that what happens upstream won’t damage what eventually becomes the watershed for the region’s drinking water.”

The stream that runs through the property feeds into the nearby historic Aldie Mill, making the property of archeological interest. Historically, the mill would grind grain powered by the waters of the Little River. Along with its historic and aquatic significance, the protection of these nearly six acres maintain views for the public of the scenic area and its rural land uses.

“NVCT is able to forever protect this crucial piece of property thanks to our many partners and community supporters.” said Andrea Reese, Senior Land Conservation Specialist at NVCT. “The completion of this project marks a new chapter – the preservation of this land and its significant ecological and historical features will forever be a part of the community’s story for generations to come.”

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Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT) is a nonprofit land trust that strengthens and forever conserves the land, water and scenic character of Northern Virginia. Since its founding in 1994, NVCT has protected more than 7,000 acres in urban and rural places in its service area of more than 2.9 million residents. Today Northern Virginia’s lands are threatened by extreme development pressures and climate change, making conservation work crucial to sustaining livable and healthy communities. Land conservation provides natural places for children to play, scenic views, and green spaces that help improve mental health and well-being. From working farms and forests, to urban lands, and parks and nature preserves, NVCT is your local land trust saving nearby nature now and for future generations. To learn more and to get involved, visit

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