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Your Local Land Trust

Northern Virginia Conservation Trust is your regional nonprofit land trust. We work daily to preserve Northern Virginia's land, water, and character. Over the last two decades, we have protected nearly 9,000 acres, serving more than three million residents.

Today, our work is more important than ever

Climate change and development pressures threaten our ability to maintain healthy, livable communities. What we do today ensures clean water, vibrant forests, and flourishing wildlife habitat both now and in the future. 

Photo Credit: Samara Shabon  
Location: Manassas Battlefield

Proud to be serving Northern Virginia for more than 25 years!


Our Mission

The Northern Virginia Conservation Trust will add to and sustain abundant, thriving natural places in our Virginia communities.

Our Vision

The Trust conserves land that has natural, historical, and cultural value to our communities.

Northern Virginia Conservation Trust

Saving Nearby Nature


Phone: 703-354-5093

Registered Charity: 54-1724626

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