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Congratulations to the newest members of our Great Blue Heron Circle, 
Colin L. Powell Elementary School,
for embodying their motto:
"Learning Today and Leading Tomorrow!"

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Great Blue Heron Circle

Honoring Our Great Blue Herons

Welcome to the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust's prestigious enclave – the "Great Blue Heron Circle." This distinguished group comprises our remarkable supporters who generously contributed $1,000 or more to the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust in a single year. While any size gift to NVCT is cherished, we bestow the Great Blue Heron designation on these donors as they symbolize our commitment to safeguarding the land we hold dear.

Echoing the elegance of the magnificent Great Blue Herons that grace our cherished landscapes, the Great Blue Heron Circle embodies the spirit of nurturing Northern Virginia's heartlands for the betterment of all. By aligning with this exclusive community, you stand alongside fellow lovers of local conservation who are fueling the transformation of our communities into havens of health and vitality.

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Embrace the privileges that accompany your Great Blue Heron Circle membership:
  • Invitation to our Exclusive Annual Appreciation Event.

  • Recognition in Our Annual Report: 

  • Access to Our Insightful Spring Gathering hosted by NVCT's Executive Director. 

  • NVCT Fleece Vest.

  • Investing in a Healthier Future.

To join the Great Blue Heron Circle, please click here.   


For more information or questions about your Great Blue Heron Circle membership, please get in touch with Greg Meyer at (703) 354-5093 or

Inspiring Vision: Our Logo by 12-Year-Old Zollie Kershaw

GBHC logo (3).png

Meet Zollie Kershaw, a talented 12-year-old artist whose creative brilliance has given life to our emblematic logo. Zollie's artwork encapsulates the vibrancy and purity of the land we protect and the spirit of the next generation of stewards.

This symbol is a tribute to the youthful enthusiasm and dedication that define our mission. Just as Zollie's brushstrokes embody the values of sustainability and preservation, so too does our Great Blue Heron Circle represent a commitment to a healthier, more vibrant future.

Zollie's artistic contribution reminds us that we're safeguarding not only for today, but for the promising tomorrows of inspired young minds. Together, we shape a legacy where landscapes thrive, communities flourish, and our natural heritage lives on.

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