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Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve

Take a tour through Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve, one of the most significant undeveloped natural areas along the East Coast. Click play on the video above to experience a bird's-eye view through Crow's Nest and NVCT's protected land. 

What's pictured in the map?

On May 1, 2019 a 70-acre easement along the Potomac and one of the largest great blue heron nesting sites in the Chesapeake region was donated to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to preserve and further protect the conservation values of the site. The Heron Rookery site at Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve in Stafford, Virginia will be monitored year-round by DCR to maintain the ecological integrity of the wetland for generations to come. NVCT will retain ownership of the heron rookery and be closely involved with its stewardship while DCR to manages the site in accordance with the rest of Crow’s Nest Natural Area Preserve. To learn more, read the full release.

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