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A Breathtaking 20,000 Nature Observations Made In NVCT's First Inaugural Nearby Nature BioBlitz

Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT) just completed our First Inaugural Nearby Nature BioBlitz! The exciting and enlightening month-long campaign turned everyday citizens into scientists as they explored and photo-documented nature within their own Northern Virginia and DC metro area communities. 

Campaign participants uploaded their fantastic photos to, sharing their breathtaking observations of river otters, margined calligraphers, crowded parchment, and more. 

NVCT is proud of our community's participation as each observation provides a deeper understanding and closer connection between us and the natural world. With over 20,000 observations, over 2,600 species, and nearly 100 observers, NVCT's Nearby Nature BioBlitz is a huge success!

Izabella Farr finished first, having the most observations (3,444) and most species observed (898). Capital Naturalist came in a close second with 2,685 observations that comprised 845 species. In third came WildphotosDMV with 2,685 observations including 692 species.

The grand prize for Most Research Grade Observations went to Izabella Farr with 1,620 observations with 537 species over the course of the month. Stephen John Davies was the grand prize winner for Most Threatened Species Observations with 51 observations and 13 species observed. And the winner of our Observer Raffle is Penny Firth with 139 observations with 104 species observed.

Thank you to all of our citizen scientists for helping to make NVCT’s First Inaugural Nearby Nature BioBlitz a huge success! 

We hope you've enjoyed learning about the incredibly diverse wildlife we are fortunate to have in Northern Virginia. NVCT works to protect the delicate ecosystems that make our communities so special. To help, please donate today.

The Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT) is a regional nonprofit land trust that forever conserves, manages, and advocates for land with natural, historical, and cultural value to our Northern Virginia communities. NVCT works with conservation partners, local governments, and private landowners to preserve, restore, and steward land in Northern Virginia. NVCT's service area includes 2.9 million residents in a fast-growing region that needs more outdoor recreation spaces. Since its founding in 1994, NVCT has protected more than 8,000 acres in urban and rural areas.

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