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Could the Palm-sized Joro Spiders be Gliding into Northern Virginia?

Joro Spider (photo credit: University of Georgia)

Are the Joro spiders are coming? Love them or hate them, spiders provoke an emotional reaction in everyone, even when they are incy wincy. If you are afraid of the tiny spiders from children's songs, might I interest you in the palm-sized Joro spiders? With origins linking back to Japan, these spiders' golden webs overwhelmed yards in north Georgia in 2021. Now, according to reporting from the Washington Post, some etymologists believe the Joro will find its way to the DMV.

The Joro spider travels less like the spider on your basement ceiling and more like Marvel Comic's superhero Spider-Man, quickly gliding throughout the Southeast United States by knitting web-parachutes to float on wind gusts. Experts say that the exotic-looking spiders are harmless, with fangs too small to bite you or your pets. Though many scientists believe their presence will be benign, its not completely clear what the Joro spider's environmental impact will be on our region.

When will we see the Joro in Northern Virginia? It seems unlikely that they will arrive this spring, as parachuting takes time, but one thing is for sure, all arachnophobes beware because, similar to the cicadas last year, the Joro spider might be gliding across your front yard in no time!

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