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NVCT Backs Citizen-Driven Effort to Save River Farm

River Farm, the historical 27-acre landscaped gardens and natural areas enjoyed by thousands of Northern Virginians each year, is on the market for sale by the American Horticultural Society (AHS).

Join us and be a part of this grassroots citizen-driven effort to prevent River Farm from falling into the hands of developers.

Northern Virginians value River Farm's natural beauty and historical significance, as it was once farmed by George Washington when he purchased it over 250 years ago.

Here's what you can do to Save River Farm:

  • Go to and sign up for email alerts

  • Share your unique River Farm stories with #saveriverfarm on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Sign our petition advocating that River Farm stay protected for all time

  • Tell your friends to join you and support the Save River Farm initiative

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