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NVCT to protect and steward Hidden Covey Farm in Loudoun County

The Northern Virginia Conservation Trust has officially become the long-term stewards of Hidden Covey Farm, a 75-acre property located in Lovettsville, VA, to conserve its environmental, agricultural, and historical value forever.

This conservation agreement comes after a nearly four-year collaborative effort between its owner, the Abraham and Wisch family, NVCT, Loudoun County, and additional support from the National Resource Conservation Service and the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation.

"It’s rare to get a chance to work on a project with such a range of great partners and a family with such vision and commitment to the land. We’re excited to be supporting local sustainable food in the region and can’t wait to be part of more projects like this," said NVCT Conservation Director Matt Gerhart.

NVCT staff secured grant funding from the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation (VLCF) and the USDA/NRCS Agricultural Conservation Easement Program to purchase an agricultural easement on Hidden Covey Farm. Loudoun County was a required co-holder on the easement and is proud to have helped conserve Hidden Covey for future generations.

In addition to the significant value that Hidden Covey brings to our community, the farm’s owners have great sentiment for the property that they have forged over generations of caring for and farming the property.

“I grew up in western Loudoun Country, not far from Lovettsville. My family has farmed in Loudoun in some capacity for 200 years,” said Hidden Covey Farm’s owner.
“The decision to put Hidden Covey in an easement is a long-term investment in my children and grandchildren's future.”

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