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Virginia Governor's Budget Proposal Fights for Environment, Land Conservation

On December 11th, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced his proposed budget for the upcoming year which includes $733 million in new funding for environmental and clean energy initiatives.

“In Virginia, we are proving that a clean environment and a strong economy go hand-in-hand—and having both is what makes our Commonwealth such a great place to live, work, and play,” said Governor Northam. “These significant investments in environmental protection, environmental justice, clean energy, and clean water will combat climate change and ensure we maintain our high quality of life here in Virginia.”

This budget reiterates the Governor's mission to restore Virginia’s portion of the Chesapeake Bay through the commonwealth's clean water blueprint. Most importantly to NVCT and our constituents, the new budget proposes an additional $15.5 million investment in the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation grant program.

Governor Northam's budget recommendation now heads to the state legislature for consideration this winter.

NVCT Executive Director Alan Rowsome had this to say about the new proposal. "By making such a significant commitment to environmental protection, land conservation, and clean energy in his budget, Governor Northam is taking bold and meaningful action to ensure our state’s future by directly addressing the growing climate change impacts that are already affecting the Commonwealth. In particular, his investment of $20 million in the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation grant program will provide much needed annual matching funds and partnership opportunities to aid organizations like ours in protecting pivotal land and water resources throughout Northern Virginia. We commend the Governor for this forward-thinking environmental budget and look forward to working with the state legislature to support these recommendations and enact them into law."

For more on the proposed budget, head to the Governor's website.

For a live stream of his announcement, check out the Governor's facebook.

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