Over the last 20 years, we have worked tirelessly with local officials and residents to preserve more than 3,000 acres of ecologically important lands on Crow's Nest Peninsula. The site includes 250 Great Blue Heron nests, but it's not just about the Great Blue Herons. Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve and the Potomac Creek Heronry are so much more. They serve as homes for a variety of at-risk animals and plants.

Now, we're working on plans to expand the Potomac Creek Heronry by more than 100 acres. We're asking you to help us make this dream a reality!

The Residents of Crow's Nest Peninsula:


Species of waterfowl


Species of inter-jurisdictional fish,

Including the at-risk shortnose sturgeon


Neotropical migratory songbirds, 

10 of which are high priority species to Partners in Flight

Plant species significant to

the Coastal Plain of Virginia


And of course, the Great Blue Herons!

This land, expanding our current Great Blue Heron Rookery, is full of the same vibrant and important species. Home to the Potomac Creek and several unnamed tributaries, this parcel would protect nearly 80 additional acres of wetlands. Approximately 60% of the property has been designated wetlands by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's National Wetlands Inventory.

Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve
Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve
NVCT Protected Heronry

The property falls within an Essential Conservation Site, and its preservation will protect five of Virginia's highest quality examples of natural heritage resources:

Tidal Freshwater Marsh (Global Rank G3; State Rank S3)


Northern Coastal Plain/Piedmont Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest (G5; S5)

Colonial Wading Bird Colony (G5; S2)

Central Appalachian/Inner-Piedmont Chestnut Oak Forest (G5; S5)

Coastal Plain/Outer Piedmont Basic Mesic Forest (G4; S3)

It will cost $497,000 to permanently protect these valuable wetlands. We have already raised 55% of the required funding. Now, we need your help to finish the job! We have until January 31, 2020 to protect this incredible place forever.

The Potomac Creek Heronry is...

The area provides habitat for bald eagles, rare plants, 25 species of waterfowl, and many species of neo-tropical migratory birds.


Preserving and restoring land are the simplest ways to combat climate change at the local level. 


60% of the property is ecologically valuable wetlands most of which are rated outstanding by the VA Department of Forestry.


This property expands Stafford County’s largest piece of undeveloped land.


Portions of the property are ranked 4 out of 5 on the Virginia Development Vulnerability Model.


More Information:
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Executive Director
(703) 354-5093

4022-A Hummer Road

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