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New conservation easement on Pohick Bay is a partnership with NOVA Parks

NVCT’s newest conservation easement is on land within the boundaries of the Pohick Bay Regional Park that was recently acquired by Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NOVA Parks). The property along Pohick Bay had been in private ownership since before the regional park was formed, and will be incorporated into the park.

NOVA Parks Executive Director Paul Gilbert said, “It is a unique situation to have private, residential property located within the park’s borders. This would have been prime land for private development, so to have the opportunity to add it into the park and make it available to the public is something we are really excited about.”

NVCT Executive Director Alan Rowsome said, “Pohick Bay Regional Park is one of the most popular outdoor recreation sites in Northern Virginia, so we couldn’t be happier to partner with NOVA parks in enhancing it. As our region continues to grow and develop, it is critical that we set aside and protect natural lands such as this as an investment in our future.”

Read more in the Connection Newspaper about the NOVA Parks ribbon-cutting event.

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