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NVCT's COVID-19 Response

Northern Virginia Conservation Trust is taking the ever-evolving situation surrounding COVID-19 very seriously. While we continue to be open for business, we have enacted the following measures to keep our staff, board, and constituents safe. 

  • All staff are working from home with bi-weekly stops at the office to check the mail.  

  • All committee calls/meetings will go on as scheduled but become virtual.

  • Our annual board retreat, scheduled for late April, will now be virtual.

  • Monitoring visits to our conserved properties have been temporarily suspended. When they resume, we will likely ask landowners not to accompany our staff on those visits for some time until there is reason to.

  • All cleanups, invasive pulls, and other public events have been canceled or postponed through at least early May 2020.

  • All outgoing mail, where possible, is now being transitioned to electronic correspondence.

  • All in-person meetings with landowners, partners, etc., have been shifted to virtual where possible or canceled/postponed to a later date.

We are proud to be your local land trust and are still working every day to serve our communities. We ask for patience during this time as we work through new workflows and re-schedule things as necessary. Please feel free to reach out with questions to 703-354-5093 or Thanks, and please stay healthy and safe!

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